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For Your Entertainment Pleasure by Stephen Minch

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Codice: ID-8288

Categoria: Libri in lingua straniera




Il campione FISM Daryl, "The Magician's Magician", ha descritto qui per la prima volta alcuni dei suoi migliori materiali originali. Ci sono classici come il Rising Crime Display, Daryl's Snowshoe Sandwich e la sua routine con le palle di spugna, che prefigurano gran parte della magia di oggi. Ci sono anche gemme dimenticate qui, come Daryl's Coin Across e un sorprendente effetto di previsione usando i quattro assi.

Table of Contents:
Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time - Believe it or not, this is an engaging, deceptive, and hilarious handling of sponge rabbits.
The High-Priced Spread - A beautiful but challenging routine featuring a one-handed Ascanio Spread.
Rising Crime - The centerpiece of this routine has become a modern classic and a principle used in many other great routines.
Future Acethetics - A deceptive and commercial prediction routine using the four Aces.
Sleightly Touched - A psuedo memory routine with a blockbuster ending.
Twogether Again - Daryl's take on "Coins Across".
The Coinditional Coin Game - A funny routine that has elements of a Copper/Silver Transpo.
The Out-of-Body Experience - Described as a "remote" sandwich routine, this is direct, visual, impossible magic.
The Snowshoe Sandwich - A routine that was wildly popular in its day and part of Daryl's FISM act.
Psychological Ace Assembly - One of the strongest treatment of a classical Assembly devised. No extra cards or gaffs. Just gorgeous construction and sleight of hand.